Welcome to Extraordinary Kids!®

Extraordinary Kids is an inspiring Kindergarten and Pre-K Enrichment Program. Embraced by parents and their children across Chicago’s North Shore and northern suburbs. This innovative program emphasizes fun and creativity while preparing young minds for the academic journey ahead. Extraordinary Kids meets once a week for two hours to supplement and energize your child’s education and learning potential.

Extraordinary Kids...

  • Develops intellectual, creative, and social growth
  • Emphasizes fun and creativity
  • Challenges creative minds
  • Enhances learning through interactive and hands-on exploration
  • Encourages critical thinking
  • Establishes a lifelong love of learning

Each session explores thematic units that are integrated into all areas of the curriculum—science, math, language arts, children’s literature, social studies, geography, creative dramatics, music, and art. The whole language approach is carefully interwoven into each lesson.

One plus one becomes much more than two with a hands-on approach to math that inspires higher-level thinking and problem solving. Manipulative activities at the math center include sorting, counting, graphing, measurement, geometry, pattern blocks, and estimation.

Reasoning, thinking, and observation skills are developed in the science center. Science comes alive with possibilities as young minds experience the joy of discovery with hands-on experiments and projects.


Extraordinary Kids
Pre-K Adventures Class

Our Pre-K Enrichment Program will take your child on an educational adventure each week that emphasizes fun and creativity while helping to establish an early love of learning and an interest in exploring the world. Individual themes will come alive through a book, either fiction or nonfiction, and group discussion. The fun continues as topics are woven into hands-on science and math activities, art, and emerging literacy. Students are encouraged to develop critical thinking skills. Going on an African safari, traveling to the world of castles, exploring the amazing life of nocturnal animals and understanding the importance of healthy eating are just a few of our topics. Click here to see the class schedules.

Extraordinary Kids
Kindergarten Enrichment Class

Enrich your child's kindergarten year with an educational adventure. Each session will explore several thematic units that are integrated into science, math, language arts, social studies, geography, and art. Your child will discover the answers to these questions and much much more: What happens to your food after it's eaten? Can I draw a picture using invisible ink and turn crystals into a bouncing ball? Africa is far away—are kids who live there like me? Can I be a junior paleontologist and find fossils? What is the aurora borealis? Upcoming themes will include Human Body, Monsters, Africa, and Dinosaurs…just to name a few!

Extraordinary Kids, Ltd.
Kindergarten Enrichment Program