Extraordinary Kids Receives Extraordinary Praise...

For the curriculum:
"This was the best extra-curricular class my son has attended. He was excited to go and even more excited coming home to show off whatever project he had made. The hands- on experience of your class will be knowledge he will remember for a long time."
Anonymous - Winnetka Parent

"The program was outstanding. It really opened my eyes to how much kids can learn at this age." Peggy H. - Glenview Parent

"The class was unbelievably interesting for my son. It provided us with hours of interesting conversations about all the cool stuff you do." Anonymous - Highland Park Parent

"Great topics, love the hands-on method of teaching, with artifacts, materials available for the children to touch, very sensorial... So creative, interesting, and educational! It's fantastic." Anonymous - Northbrook Parent

"The subjects were perfect for the kindergarten age level, and the content was stimulating and interesting. My son learned so much and enjoyed sharing it with us during the week." Anonymous - Buffalo Grove Parent

For the love of learning:
"The perfect mix of fun and education. I think all the kids enjoyed it so much they must not have realized that they were learning!" Anonymous - Northbrook Parent

"My daughter pushed to get more information about the topics by checking out books at the library, asking questions, etc. You did a terrific job of awakening her desire to learn as well as teaching the material in a way that stuck." Anonymous - Deerfield Parent

"My daughter always looks forward to going to class and she comes home with such great projects and stories! She has truly been enriched by this class." Highland Park - Parent

"Normally one would need to pull information from my son to find out what happened at school. Extraordinary Kids was completely different. He volunteered information and would go on and on. It was great to see him so excited about learning." Northbrook Parent

"This class was one of the most interesting and educational classes my child has ever been in. She loved going every week, and in addition, she came home every week applying what she had learned." Anonymous - Glencoe Parent

For the instructors:
"This is an extraordinary program, very appropriately named. The instructors did a great job of building excitement and expectation and consistently meeting them. My kids were bursting after each class over what they had learned that day." Susan S. - Glenview Parent

"The teachers are a great team, always 'on,' positive and cheerful...comfortable with any challenges that might come their way...they also seemed to love what they do. What more could you want in teachers?" Jan R. - Lincolnshire Parent

"Clearly the content inspired my daughter but the majority of the credit goes to the teachers who sparked her enthusiasm and desire to learn." Anonymous - Northbrook Parent

"Both instructors were phenomenal. My child loves going and that's because of the warm caring teachers and the terrific way they present everything. Their excitement is contagious." Anonymous - Buffalo Grove Parent

"The teachers were unbelievable! Always enthusiastic, and to keep the whole class interested for two hours! It was a fabulous year for my son!" Anonymous - Winnetka Parent

Both instructors were terrific. My daughter loved attending the class and learned so much, all while having fun. Anonymous - Long Grove Parent

What a great class! It's educational but fun at the same time. The teachers are superb! A+. Anonymous - Winnetka Parent

Every teacher we've ever encountered here has been exciting, inspiring, and fun. Outstanding program! Anonymous - Deerfield Parent


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